content creator program

The Content and Community Team Aquato eSports has launched the Content Creator Program.

This program brings interested and committed Content Creators closer to the unique Aquato eSports community. They get the chance to become the face of a leading community and benefit from various advantages such as exclusive promotions, events, acceptance into the Twitch Team, designs, videos and more.

All information regarding this program are placed within the Aquato eSports Discord Server where the whole community comes together.

“We aim to unite different content creators with same values and offer them a real home they and their community can identify with.”

Statement of the Head Management

„At Aquato eSports, we always try to expand our brand and link identities with it.
We are working hard to create a unique place where all kind of players, content creators and more can come together and enjoy what they love to do. Launching the creator program is a big step in the right direction regarding our future content and our brand identity.“

Timo „eforce“ Lühmann, Head Management Aquato eSports

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