1000 Aquato Member

The Content and Community Team Aquato eSports announced their official reach of 1000 internal team members. 

Statement of the Head Management

„We are honored to have reached such a large number of great members within our team.
I am always excited when I look at our project and see what a unique and outstanding team we have created and how we differ significantly from others.
We will continue on our way with this project and show that it is successful in the long term to follow our own and extraordinary philosophy.

To be the largest German community and content team not only requires a lot of helping hands but also perseverance, discipline and quality. It is often difficult to assert oneself in the Fortnite area, especially in social media. With the support of so many great people and all of our fantastic members we look into a bright future.“

Timo „eforce“ Lühmann, Head Management Aquato eSports


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